Happiness Unleashed

Today marks our 71st day on the road and boy, what an adventure it’s been. It’s kind of amazing to look back and think of all we’ve gone through – good and bad – to get to where we are today. We spent our last three months in Charleston working our tails off to completely gut and remodel our 17-foot 1977 Tioga motorhome while simultaneously working seven days a week open-to-close in the final months before closing our kennel and daycare business. It was a difficult and bittersweet time to say the least. Saying goodbye to our close friends, family, and clients was hard, but it was also exciting (and even a little nerve-racking) to be diving headfirst into a new adventure full of both unimaginable uncertainties and endless possibilities.

But we did it! On Tuesday April 16th, after selling just about everything we owned, we hit the road and embarked on a journey that we had been previously dreaming about for years. We packed up our new tiny home on wheels, loaded up the dogs, and headed north to the Great Smoky Mountains. From there we traveled west to the Colorado Rockies and then north to the Canadian Rockies. We’ve learned so many new things along the way – too many to list here, but certainly in queue for future blog posts. We’ve visited with dear friends in Del Norte, CO and made new friends in Kaslo, BC.

We’ve experienced a lot of fun and adventure. We’ve also experienced a fair share of headaches and heartbreak. Saying goodbye to Wilson, our eleven year old english mastiff, was one of the hardest parts of the journey, but having that quality time to spend with him on the road was also one of the greatest.

Now, some 4000 miles later, we’ve landed in Sisters, Oregon where we plan to spend a season or two (maybe even a year) working various seasonal jobs and building up Unleash the Happiness – our new pet sitting and dog training business. We’re pretty excited to park ourselves for a little bit and put in some new roots here in the Sisters/Bend area. And we’re certainly looking forward to getting out to explore all the adventure and beauty that Oregon and the entire Pacific Northwest has to offer. It’s going to be a fun year and hopefully we’ll be on the road again before next summer.

Do you visit or live in the Bend/Sisters area? We love getting the inside scoop from the locals so please feel welcome to comment and share your favorite places to go, events to attend, organizations to support, and pet-friendly trails to hike.

4 thoughts on “Happiness Unleashed

  1. Victoria Bradford says:

    Good to read about your travels and see where you have been. I think of you often and pray for your safety. I always wanted to travel and see new things and places but I love my big family and being able to see them often I am a little jealous of you though Looking forward to reading more about what you are doing. Take care and enjoy


    • Heather Heath says:

      Thanks Nanny. Glad you enjoy our photos and stories. Now that we’re feeling a bit more accustomed to the lifestyle and slowing down for a bit, I hope to share our adventures more often. Raising a big family and spending quality time with them is also a worthy and highly respectable life goal. Love you. 💜


    • Heather Heath says:

      Aww, thanks Helen. We’ll eventually travel back to the Carolinas to visit with friends and family. Will be sure to let folks know the dates well in advance incase we can help with pet care or otherwise get together for visits at the beach. 🐶


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